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Transform Limiting Beliefs

Transform Limiting BeliefsThe Transform Limiting Beliefs session is offered as a one-on-one (individual) service via telephone/Skype, so that you can take advantage of Erica West's personal attention, working with you to deal with limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

The Transform Limiting Beliefs session is 'by appointment' only, and available times (Australia-time) are listed on the Events Calendar.

During your one (1) hour individual Transform Limiting Beliefs session, you have the opportunity to transform limiting beliefs around any particular issue you wish to work on (for example: issues about family, relationships, money, abundance, health, happiness, etc). You, and only you, can decide which issue is most important for you to work on.

TLB pinkWithin the one-hour timeframe, there may be enough time to work on more than one issue, and it would be wise for you to consider the issue most important to you, as well as anything else you may want to deal with (time permitting). As many issues as possible will be dealt with during your personal Transform Limiting Beliefs session.

Individual Transform Limiting Beliefs sessions are conducted via telephone or skype, and your preference for personal contact should be noted when registering for a Transform Limiting Beliefs session. You will be contacted at the allotted appointment time, via skype or telephone.

You will be working directly with Erica West (via telephone/Skype) to achieve the best possible outcome, in order to change negative belief patterns that may be blocking you from creating the life that you desire.

TLB greenAs with all treatments/sessions offered by Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd, you are responsible for the outcome of your session. On completion of the Transform Limiting Beliefs session, you may feel like you have achieved a lot, or (perhaps) a little.  Either way, please know that you will be transforming many limiting beliefs during the Transform Limiting Beliefs session, and it sometimes takes a little time to process the information around transforming negative beliefs to positive beliefs. Free handouts are available on the Subconscious Ascension website, to assist you in your future progress.

Erica introduces various healing techniques into the Transform Limiting Beliefs session, including Change Your Belief Patterns ('Cancel That' and 'Blanket Healing'), Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, and her own unique Energy Healing. Erica works with Divine guidance, and receives messages from Spirit as to appropriate teachings and healings for individual clients.

TLB violetPlease register for the Transform Limiting Beliefs session with an open mind and a willing attitude to change your current circumstances, and your Higher Self and other universal light energies will co-operate to assist with creating positive changes for your highest and best good.

'Transform Limiting Beliefs' sessions are generally conducted on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (Australia-time), and the cost is AUD$150 for a 1-hour session.

Here's an example of what satisfied clients say about the Transform Limiting Beliefs session:

I have received Erica's energy healing to transform limiting beliefs over the phone, and have felt instant relief from the stress around a particular issue I've been dealing with at that time. I would recommend the 'Transform Limiting Beliefs' session to anyone wanting peace and harmony.
J.S. - Australia.

Erica West's 'Transform Limiting Beliefs' session has helped me immensely with pain relief and increased wellbeing, to the extent that, at 83, I can still do physical outdoor work and animal care duties, and enjoy it.
B.A. - Australia.

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Register for your personal Transform Limiting Beliefs session today - check out available dates/times on the Events Calendar.


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